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Edit > Undo

  • Select the command Edit > Undo to cancel the most recent command used in the generation of a text. You can use this command repeatedly, with the commands being cancelled in reverse chronological order (the last command, the before-last command, etc.). Instead of using the menu, you can also click on the button on the toolbar, or use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Z.

  • The command Edit > Undo allows you to go back as far as the last action before the use of the command File > Save Zigzag Project and File > Save as …. However, once you are at step 2 in the generation of a text, it is no longer possible to cancel commands done at step 1. Generally speaking, such canceling of commands happens in "blocks." For example, when you use the command Tools > Question Bank and create three multiple choice questions, canceling the command will delete all three questions (not only the last one).
  • If you want to come back on a previously deleted command, select Edit > Redo or click on the button on the toolbar. The command Edit > Redo can also be used repeatedly.

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